Discipline is Love

After the worship service last Sunday, while we were having the traditional church lunch, the Pastor expressed his appreciation for our children. He told us that they are very disciplined during the worship and “Sunday School” and their understanding of the Bible is deeper than the some of the adult church members. He complemented us by saying that we have taught the children very well.

In spite of the boys’ occasional naughtiness, we are thankful to the Lord that the children are growing up not only in physical but also in their spiritual life. We instilled to them discipline through helping with the house chores, studies, following the house rules, and studying the Word of God together. We are committed to take care of them until they finish college, but they may choose to leave us sooner than we expected. We hope we have done enough to prepare them to face life’s challenges. Thank you for your continued love support and prayers.

National ID Upgrade

pia-1The school break is over. All the children went to the school this week. It is good to have quiet moments after a month of chaos. We received an announcement that the school is now helping to upgrade the children’s national Thai ID. Nine of our children, except for Pia have 10-year residence ID because they all cross the border when they were still young. This keeps us busy this week. We prepared all the required documents for review and we hope and pray for the best.

Because Pia came later, we were not able to acquire her the 10-year residence ID the same time with other children. Our friend, who is now helping us with paper works, told us that there is a new way we can get national ID for children. We will be spending some time doing it next week.

Please continue to pray about this important concern. Acquiring Thai citizenship is a very difficult and complicated process. Most people think that the children’s future depends on it, but we believe that their future is in God’s hands.

NCLF/Sak Saum Thailand

Larry is still in the USA working hard to raise fund for the New Life Creations Foundation (NLCF) and its project Sak Saum Thailand. Please continue to pray for him and his health. We really cannot help him with the project financially as we, ourselves have just enough for own ministry needs. However, we are trying to help in all aspects of this ministry as much as we can.

The girls continue to make products for Sak Saum Thailand to meet few more order. This helps sustain the salary of the staff, training, home and food expenses for the girls. We hope to help more girls who are vulnerable and in some ways experienced the evil of human trafficking.

You can help with this ministry by sponsoring a girl, volunteering or by selling our products.

Sak+Saum+Fall+2016+ 37.jpg

Christmas Reunion

I was talking to a missionary who recently moved here into Mae Sai and asked how things are going with his ministry. He answered, “the work is good, but we are going on furlough in six months.” I feel like everyone is has just been or will be in furlough.

For more than 10 years, we never had a furlough. Three weeks are the longest time we spent away. Most of these were emergencies or special occasions. Our children coming here to spend Christmas is a very special moment for us. It is the closest to furlough we can have. We are looking forward to a happy long holiday this December. Please help us to make this Christmas reunion a happy one for us, our children with their adoptive brothers and sisters.

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