Joey & Narlin founded the Baan Rainbow in 2008

In 2006, we (Joey & Narlin) helped start Grace Home Kindergarten Center, a nursery for the children of the migrant workers from Burma. We take care of the children while their parents worked in the factories, constructions and farms.

While we were working there, one of the girls, Tina, became an orphan. Her mother died of TB and her father died of HIV/AIDS within six months. Tina was left at the nursery and because nobody wanted to take care of her, our family “adopted” her. This started our ministry with orphaned and abandoned children. The year was 2008.

We became known as the Rainbow Children’s Home and eventually community and church leaders called us Baan Rainbow. At present, we have 12 children living with us. Some of them were rescued from being recruited as child soldiers. The rest are orphaned and abandoned.

In 2010 to present, we are working side by side with Network for Women and Children Protection (NWCP). Together with local Pastors and church leaders, we worked together to help rescue children and young women from exploitative situation. This year the organization (samakom in Thai) is having problems with its activity and financial reporting to the government. It needs some cash to pay for an auditing company so that it can be permitted by the government to continue on operating.

We met Larry Beckner in 2013, and we started praying to have our own project with young women and children in the Golden Triangle area. The Mekong region is considered by many NGOs to be the human trafficking gateway for transporting young women and children to Bangkok (then eventually to other places) who are then exploited and abused.

In 2016, the Thai government has approved the registration of our Foundation. It enables us to rescue, protect and empower the vulnerable against human trafficking. The New Life Creations Foundation is approved by the Ministry of Interior with registration number 9/2559. The Rainbow Children’s Home came under its auspices.

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